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e.wave X is a new electric car that wants to be fun to drive and environmentally friendly - computers

e.wave X is a new electric car that wants to be fun to drive and environmentally friendly – computers

The independent German manufacturer seeks to respond to environmental concerns and promote sustainable mobility Next e.GO Mobile SE She unveiled her new electric car, Electron wave X. The manufacturer’s goal is to create a circular ecosystem for the use and reuse of resources. The car, presented in Berlin on Wednesday, was attended by Brazilian soccer player Neymar Jr., who became a brand ambassador to promote the car.

In the words of the Brazilian ace, in addition to being innovative and sustainable, the car is also fun to drive. He highlighted his country’s traffic problems, so he supports a brand that wants to have a positive economic and environmental impact.

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The e.wave X is a vehicle with LED headlights, frameless doors and optional 18-inch aluminum wheels. This The compact four-seat crossover is designed to park in any “hole” you find in the parking lot.facilitating urban mobility. The vehicle is equipped with a rear camera and a smart parking sensor to aid maneuverability.

the car has 80KW rear-wheel drive powertrain, which promises a similar experience to other more powerful cars. For racing enthusiasts, the steering wheel is designed in the shape of a race, providing a pleasant experience when you get your hands on it. Its controller has an inductive charging pad, which allows not only to wirelessly charge Android and iOS smartphones, but also to connect to the car system.

The dashboard screen measures 23 inches and offers most of the controls and features of the e.wave X.. The infotainment system also aims to be a “smartphone on four wheels” when connected via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It is possible to listen to music and use the GPS in the car’s dashboard. There is also no shortage of advanced features for conditioning. The seats can have vegan leather, with a sporty and comfortable design, but are also safe for any terrain. The ISOFIX system for the rear seats and passenger seats helps protect the youngest.

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The electric vehicle promises a range of up to 240 kilometers, powered by 11 kW intelligent charging. reach the market with Prices start from 24,990 euros.