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E3 2021: What to expect on the first day of the event on Saturday (12/6)

E3 2021: What to expect on the first day of the event on Saturday (12/6)

distance Stop Detention in 2020 – For the first time since the event’s debut, in 1995 -, E3 back this saturday For its twenty-sixth edition. while the covid-19 pandemic Made useless last year, in 2021 its effects will still be felt: Convention It will be completely digital, without attending the audience that annually fills the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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The global crisis is also likely to be reflected in fewer ads, given the frequent delays developers have been facing since the start of the pandemic. The Ubisoft, a highlight of Saturday’s schedule hit the issue and one of its big releases of the year,”Far Cry 6‘, which will be released in February, and is now scheduled for October 7.

Because of this delay, the new Far Cry game will be one of the highlights of Ubisoft’s conference, starting at 3pm. More detailed gameplay is expected to be revealed, as the last trailer didn’t show much of the game in action. Watch the video:

The game will be released for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Google Stadia.

Another popular franchise that will be featured in the Ubisoft show is “Rainbow Six Extraction”, which won teaser a few days ago. First announced at E3 2019, under the name ‘Rainbow Six Quarantine’, the game still contains few details, except for the fact that in this version of multiplayer From shooting they will face an alien threat. It was originally scheduled for 2020, so we can expect an upcoming release.

Announced at E3 2019, the release date for ‘Rainbow Six Extraction’ is expected to be revealed at Saturday’s conference. Credit: Ubisoft/Disclosure

Among the uncertain but acknowledged announcements of expansions from ‘Assassin’s Creed Valhallaand “Rainbow Six Siege.” An unexpected surprise will be the return of some titles in the Rayman franchise, which has been quiet for a long time.

Right after the Ubisoft presentation, we’ll have the Devolver Conference, starting at 5:30 p.m. shorter, frame publisher It should provide more details about Shadow Warrior 3, which was announced in 2020, as well as other independent titles.

‘Borderlands’ premiere was announced during the Summer Games Festival, but the franchise has yet to receive any news at E3.

As for Gearbox, we can expect DLCs from ‘Borderlands 3’ and possibly more information about the movie based on the franchise. Remember that game Role, “Little Wonderland Tina”. It was just announced at Summer Game Fest. What we will have outside the “Borderlands” remains a mystery.

Saturday schedule:

  • 2 p.m. – E3 premiere
  • 3 PM – Ubisoft Introductory Trailer العرض
  • 16 hours – Ubisoft Forward
  • 17:30 – Devolver Digital
  • 18 hours – gearbox program
  • 18h45 – GamesBeat جلسة session

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