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EA SPORTS F1 24 launches the revolutionary Career Mode: Live like Senna or Schumacher!

EA SPORTS F1 24 launches the revolutionary Career Mode: Live like Senna or Schumacher!

It seems that Codemasters has finally woken up to the innovation alarm bells and decided to change the career mode. F1 24And it wasn't wasting time, was it? After years of the same, they're giving us the biggest update since 2016, promising to make you feel like you're on the track, sweating in your helmet and all – or at least that's what they want us to believe.

Be the pilot, live the drama

In the new and “improved” career mode, you can choose to be one of the current stars of the F1 season, the promise of F2, or even an icon like Ayrton Senna or Michael Schumacher. That's right, now you can try to live up to those legends… Good luck trying not to end up a mere footnote in Formula 1 history.

What really catches the eye is the pilot recognition system. Every decision you make, both on and off the track, should impact your career. Enhance your reputation and watch doors open, from confidential contract meetings to an R&D team that truly cares about what you think. It's almost like an RPG, but with more frames and fewer dragons.

F1 24 official career mode deep dive

Real challenges? Only time will tell

And that's not all, the game offers accolades and career milestones that reflect achievements in the real world. Start from scratch with a custom demo program, or take on challenges based on the achievements of established professionals. And if you have a friend, or even managed to convince someone to play with you after explaining all these new features, the two-player career mode has also gotten an upgrade.

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For those who like the most exciting competition, the Career Challenge is the icing on the cake. Get ready for diverse scenarios that all players can experience, determined by democratic player voting. Yes, because nothing says “sport” like the public opinion that shapes your hypothetical career path.

Revolution or just another turning point?

EA and Codemasters promise just that F1 24 It will change the way you play racing games. But the real question is: Did they take the checkered flag or just another warm-up lap? As the launch date approaches, we'll soon know whether it's worth putting your hand on the wheel or whether it's better to leave the car in the garage this time around.

Remember, racing is easy when all you have to do is press buttons, but mastering Formula 1 on the couch still requires you not to drop your popcorn at every hairpin turn. Let's see if it is F1 24 Does it really deliver the platform it promised or will it just be another stop in the long season of racing games.