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EA Sports WRC is about to revolutionize virtual rallying

EA Sports WRC is about to revolutionize virtual rallying

Codemasters and EA Sports are preparing to launch EA Sports WRC, the next evolutionary leap in virtual rallying. The game, which promises massive doses of realism and excitement, is almost here and has recently received a video showing what players can expect from the official game of the FIA ​​World Rally Championship.

In the now revealed video, it was also noted that thanks to the Unreal Engine, it was possible to take the EA Sports WRC experience even further, creating the largest and most detailed rally stages to date in the series.

The numbers are very interesting. 17 official FIA World Rally Championship venues covering more than 600 kilometers of asphalt, gravel, dirt and snow. There will be over 200 stages when the game launches.

The game also features 10 current cars from WRC, WRC2 and Junior WRC as well as 68 historic cars reflecting the WRC's past over 60 years ago. There will be around 80 classic and modern vehicles (from 18 different categories), covering the history and current affairs of world rallying.

The full list of cars can be viewed here.

"Using a more advanced game engine has allowed us to take the gaming experience to a whole new level, allowing us to add new features including Builder and Moments, giving players the ability to interact in new ways with the sport they love.said Ross Gowing, Senior Creative Director at Codemasters.

According to Codemasters, the new and improved vehicle handling system, Dynamic Handling System, was a huge evolutionary leap in EA Sports WRC, allowing vehicle models and behavior to be improved and modified, helping to create the most realistic experience to date. .

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To achieve this, Codemasters has had support from several experts, including 2023 ERC3 European Rally Championship champion (and game designer) John Armstrong.

On the other hand, EA Sports WRC aims to be as comprehensive as possible, and will offer several aids that allow “kids and adults” to customize their experience and level of demand on EA Sports WRC. Thus, new players will have a wide range of options and aids at their disposal, modifying the handling of the cars so that they can master the game conditions gradually and at their own pace.

For the simulation to be complete, the sound effects must also be up to par, right? Well, as expected, the EA Sports WRC audio chapter has also received additional attention from the Codemasters team. This includes different aspects of the game including the sound of engines, the sound of effects (sliding, type of floor,...), comments, tips from the co-pilot.

One of the new features that EA Sports WRC will bring is the inclusion of the Builder. With the builder tool, players now have the possibility to create their own rally cars from scratch. It will be possible to specify almost everything, from the chassis and chassis of the car, to complex and important mechanical components, all the way to customizing the interiors.

Thanks to the power of the Unreal Engine, the game will also, for the first time in Codemasters Virtual Rally history, make the same stages available to players in all four seasons of the year (summer, fall, winter and spring). With everything that means in terms of weather conditions, ground conditions and cars.

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For fans of multiplayer competition, EA Sports WRC offers the ability to join up to 32 cross-platform virtual drivers in the race.

Career mode will return as expected. As in the past, each player will be able to create their own team, and take to the asphalt, gravel and dirt in the world of WRC. The career will provide a sense of efficient progression, over several seasons, with the responsibilities of managing an entire team of engineers and specialists, as well as making key decisions to achieve glory. Players can move up from Junior WRC or jump straight to the top level of competition and lead their team to victory against the world's best rally drivers, cars and teams in this essential WRC experience.

Another key feature of the game is the Moments mode, which, as the name suggests, will allow players to experience specific moments in WRC history. These moments will be updated regularly (daily??) and will replicate key moments from the 2023 season and previous seasons. There are 50 years of amazing moments waiting to be reborn in your hands.

We'd like to leave you with some gameplay footage of EA Sports WRC, with a video recently made available by EA Sports.

World champion Kale Rovanpera

Meanwhile, WRC World Champion Kalle Rovanperä has already tried the game and... see for yourself.

When asked about his initial impression of the game, Rovanpera expressed his admiration for the highly detailed visuals and the similarity of the virtual stages to the real world stages. He also praised the way the game was handled, and highlighted its realistic behavior: “It's so realistic that I can be quick on the spot."

All players who pre-order EA SPORTS WRC will receive 5 VIP Passes, exclusive post-launch content and 3-day early access to the game. The game will be released on November 3, 2023 for Xbox Series

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"This is truly the rally game we always wanted to create. Combining all the previous experience of the team, with the value that the official WRC license provides us. We are so excited to be able to deliver the best game ever.Going added.