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Earth, the mystery of mysterious sounds that science still cannot explain – Metro World News Brazil

Earth, the mystery of mysterious sounds that science still cannot explain – Metro World News Brazil

There is a large amount of Unsolved mysteries About our planet Earth. But one of the newest and most puzzling mysteries is the subject of unexplained sounds discovered by scientists.

Earlier this year, scientists from US Department of Energy They revealed that they had discovered unusual infrasound phenomena emanating from the Earth's upper atmosphere. The exact source of these mysterious sounds was not determined at the time, and it appears that they are still being recorded to this day.

It all starts with a wide-ranging article published by colleagues at debriefingThey explain in detail how these strange sounds are nothing new.

Because reports of mysterious sounds go back several centuries, and include phenomena such as mysterious buzzing noises, strange noises similar to loud trumpets, deafening booms and even loud metal scrapes, which are said to come from the sky, underground and even from the depths of our oceans. .

A wide range of acoustic phenomena on Earth

The original article is very extensive and we recommend reading it in depth to study more about this issue. But in summary, we can share that scientists have classified mysterious sounds into a variety of categories, including:

Mysterious sounds: Booming sounds are often heard on the East Coast of the United States, as well as in other parts of the world. In most cases, they are explained by external sources, such as sonic booms from aircraft, explosions from underwater caves, and earthquakes.

Buzzing: These low frequency sounds have been heard all over the world. Their origin is due to military activities, industrial equipment and natural phenomena, such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

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Trumpet sounds: These high-frequency sounds are often associated with supernatural phenomena, so they are often explained by extraterrestrial activity, meteorological phenomena, and psychological phenomena.

Metal scratches: These low-frequency sounds are also associated with supernatural phenomena. Various explanations have been proposed, including extraterrestrial activity, atmospheric phenomena, and psychological phenomena.

But what is the reason? To be honest, the cause of these sounds remains a mystery and scientists are investigating a variety of possible explanations, but none of them have been confirmed.

The best assumption so far is that there is a wide series of factors that must occur in parallel for the phenomenon to be recorded, so studying it with scientific rigor to find its irrefutable source is complex.