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Eating this type of fish reduces the risk of chronic kidney disease.

the A new study published in the journal Nature found that consuming higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, found in many fish and shellfish, was associated with a lower risk of chronic kidney disease, as well as a slower decline in kidney function. BMJscientific journal.

The same investigation shows that this relationship was not found when the fatty acids were derived from plants, the scientists explained in a statement.

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While this finding is new, it simply reinforces current clinical guidelines recommending adequate consumption of shellfish and oily fish, the researchers say.

To carry out this investigation, an international team led by researchers from the George Institute for Global Health and the University of New South Wales in the United Kingdom, collected the results of 19 studies, conducted in 12 countries, up to May 2020, that analyzed this relationship.

When all factors were accounted for, it was possible to conclude that higher levels of these acids were associated with a lower risk of developing these conditions, between 8% and 13%.

Since this is an observational study, the researchers say it is necessary to continue studying this relationship in the future.

Salmon, sardines, mackerel, cod, herring, trout and canned tuna Are some omega-3-rich fish you should consume, says MayoClinic, a nonprofit medical services organization.

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