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Ecstasy of the day when America will (temporarily) be in complete darkness due to a total solar eclipse – Observer

Ecstasy of the day when America will (temporarily) be in complete darkness due to a total solar eclipse – Observer

Day will turn to night for a few minutes this Monday due to a total solar eclipse that will temporarily plunge much of North America into darkness. This phenomenon, which will not be visible in Portugal, will cross six Mexican states, 15 North American states and six Canadian provinces. There is a lot of euphoria and brands are taking advantage of this, investing in limited editions of their products, hotels have increased their prices, and there will be exclusive parties in New York.

In the path of totality, the place where the Moon can be seen completely blocking the Sun, there are 31.6 million people, with a further 150 million living within a radius of about 250 kilometres. Therefore, large crowds are expected on the roads, as the US Department of Transportation has predicted Five million people move to areas with better views in the hours before the eclipse.

In turn, Michael Zeller, a cartographer specializing in solar eclipses, said: He spoke with ABC NewsExperts and enthusiasts say the April 8 solar eclipse will be the largest mass travel event in the United States this year. “When you look at the number of people expected to follow the path of a total solar eclipse, we estimate that those numbers are roughly equivalent to 50 simultaneous Super Bowls across the country, from Texas to Maine,” he said.

North America will plunge into darkness on April 8th. There are cruises and flights to view the eclipse and alerts to save food and fuel

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The duration of the total solar eclipse will be 4 minutes and 28 seconds, in an area near the city of Torreon, Mexico. Despite its short duration, this phenomenon led to… Baseball The game between the New York Yankees and Miami Marlins was postponed four hours so things could run smoothly – and There are no possible consequences of a solar eclipse.

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As in sports, the eclipse also had consequences for the hotel industry. But in this case, for those who want to book rooms for April 8th. a CBS News It tells the story of Susan Hochman, who had been planning to travel to see this solar eclipse for seven years, but only booked the hotel for October 2023, costing her dearly. For a night at a Best Western hotel in Saranac Lake, New York, an area in the path of totality, he paid $650. Typically, rooms at this hotel cost $99 per night during the so-called low season.

As much as I thought about it [na viagem]“I didn't plan ahead as much as I should have,” Susan Hochman admitted, calling the inflated accommodation prices “crazy.”

In addition to hotels, short-term accommodation platforms have also seen an increase in demand. On Airbnb, there was a 1,000% increase in searches for stays in the path of totality, the company revealed to CBS News, a website that writes that tourism linked to a total solar eclipse could bring as much as $1 billion to local economies.

For those who couldn't/want to book hotel rooms, there are other options for viewing the eclipse: Airlines like Southwest and Delta Announce Private excursions, in New York's skyscrapers there will be exclusive parties and there will be cruises to view the eclipse from the water – preferably, as NASA recommends, with appropriate safety glasses 100,000 times darker than most sunglasses.

As for brands, they stand out, for example, Krispy Kreme They will celebrate the day with a special “Total Solar Eclipse Donut.”was created in collaboration with Oreo, and that Frito-Lay will launch a new flavor for its SunChips — Pineapple and Spicy Black Bean Gouda Cheese — which, According to Ad Agewill only be available for purchase during the 4 minutes and 28 seconds of the eclipse.

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The total solar eclipse will begin in the South Pacific Ocean and reach the coast of Mexico at around 11:07 a.m. (Pacific time, 7:07 p.m. Lisbon time). It then heads to the United States, where Texas will be the first state to witness it. Although they have not arrived in Portugal, those who want to see the phenomenon live will be able to follow it through a broadcast. YouTube page From NASA.

The United States last witnessed a total eclipse in 2017. After Monday's eclipse, a phenomenon of this type will not be witnessed again until August 2044, but on a smaller scale. Accordingly With USA TodayThe path of totality will begin in Greenland, travel through Canada, and end in Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota.