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"Eddie is irreplaceable"

“Eddie is irreplaceable”

eOn Thursday, July 15, Manuel Luis welcomed Josha on his evening program on TVI, Jorge, who is best known for his participation in “O Amor Happen”, the place where he met Ide. Although the relationship between the two started on the right foot, and most bets were placed on them, the truth is that it didn’t end well at all.

Jorge explains that after his probationary period on the program, Eddie did not contact him for five days, which “stole the ground under his feet”.

Then she reached out to him saying she just wanted to be friends and move forward more calmly, a rhetoric that changed as the days went by.

“Water Drop” were Eddie’s still-repentant statements on the show where Jorge says he felt his manhood came into question. “She hurt me so much,” he said, noting that he had forgiven her and just wanted to move on.

The respondent said, recalling the experience.Eddie is irreplaceable. When she left me after the party, she didn’t call me for five days, I felt so baseless. So I called a psychiatrist and jurist, two 64-year-old Brazilians who have lived in Portugal for many years, and who are my friends”.

“The two follow the same profile as Ide: a sexual predator. The first thing is to go to bed with a guy, if they like it, they’ll carry on, but if there’s no conversation later, there’s no such thing, they’ll leave. It’s a woman who owns it. The ego You have to be fed with this kind of situation.”, mint.

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“I didn’t do it, I was just affectionate, that’s how I felt,” he said, asserting that nothing had happened between him and Eddie in the “sexual sphere.”

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