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Edge gets an AI image generator, an image editor, and more

a Microsoft Announce today a series of updates for your browser, edge. The new features, according to the company, focus on helping users stay organized and make them more productive.

Definitely highlight Image generator Based on DALL-Eopen source artificial intelligence for Open AI. The tool can be accessed from the Edge sidebar.

According to Microsoft, the feature is designed to speed up human understanding. However, it has some restrictions to ensure that users do not abuse it by creating inappropriate images.

Another novelty is He falls-An easy way to share files with yourself. According to the company, the resource is designed to give users a single space to “give away” and easily access everything they want, regardless of the device.

In addition, Edge will bring native photo editing tools. According to Microsoft, it will be possible to crop, adjust lighting and colors, and add filters to Internet images without leaving the browser. When done, the user will still be able to save the image for later use.

Another point worth noting is the efficiency mode, which the Redmond giant says it has made improvements, “to better meet the needs of users.”

The feature now comes with two options: Balanced Savings and Maximum Savings. While the first saves energy and provides good navigation, the second – as its name implies – helps save as much energy as possible, but affects the use of the browser.

Other minor changes include feature improvements groups To help users better organize their thoughts while browsing as well as in Tab management For better mobility.

Despite announcing the news today, Microsoft has not said when it will actually arrive for all users.

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