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Edge is second only to Safari among the most used browsers on desktop

Edge is second only to Safari among the most used browsers on desktop

It has maintained its position since the beginning of last year Safari It was the second most used browser by users until the end of 2018 2023 In general, but not among desktop users, According to data from StatCounter. The statistics covered all systems and devices, as well as users from all over the world.

First, there was Google Chromewith 64.73% Of market share, followed by Apple's browser, which closed last year with 18.59%. Third, we have edgefrom Microsoftwith 4.96%followed by the operawith 2.86%and by Samsung Internetwith 2.6%.

Although it remained in second place, there was a slight decline in the number of Safari users between November and December 2023. The browser's market share was 19.97% to 18.59% between these months, while Chrome rose from 62.92% To 64.73% in the same period.

When analyzing data related only to the use of browsers on desktop computers, Safari fell from second place to third place 8.96% (vs 13.3% Registered in November 2023). In the first place was Chrome, with 65.23%followed by Edge, which reached second place in December last year, with 11.9%after losing this position to Apple's browser in May 2023.

In terms of mobile devices, Safari also came in second place, including with market share Older than the year: 24.79%. In first place was also Chrome, with 64.39%; In third place came Samsung Internet 4.48%.

The results were particularly positive for Microsoft Edge, which debuted at nearly 12% of market share Among desktop users. In this context, the numbers were not very good for Apple, considering that the Safari browser recorded a decrease of about 4.5 percentage points between November and December 2023. There is no information about the reasons that led to this change.

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It's worth noting that Apple has a natural disadvantage in this kind of comparison/competition, considering that Safari only runs on their own devices/systems. On the other hand, other browsers work on the company's system and on Windows and Android operating systems.

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