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Edinburgh Castle: – Closed after vandalism

Edinburgh Castle: – Closed after vandalism

On Wednesday morning, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland’s largest tourist attraction, was closed to visitors.

A group of activists smashed the red sandstone ‘Stone of Destiny’ greenhouse in a protest, as they demanded action on the cost of living in the country, it was reported. The Independent.

Police said that three people were arrested after the incident.

It must be behind

The British newspaper wrote that the activist group “This Is Rigged” was behind the vandalism.

‘This is rigged’ is an action campaign targeting the Scottish Government’s inability to act, they write on their own website.

In March, the activist group smashed the glass case of Wallace’s sword, which is on display at the Wallace Memorial in Stirling. The group then demanded a halt to all new oil extraction projects in Scotland, the group wrote Sky News.

The sword is said to have belonged to Scottish knight William Wallace, who was also the main character in the 1995 film Braveheart.

Multiple Names: The “Stone of Destiny” is also known as the “Stone of Cake.” Photo: Ba Pictures
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Historical symbol

The “Stone of Destiny” is a historical symbol of the monarchy in Scotland, and has been used for centuries during the coronation of the country’s kings, as it says on the castle. website.

During the English invasion of Scotland in 1296, the stone was confiscated, and was not returned until 1996.

Today, the stone is displayed with the Crown Jewels in the Scottish castle, and will only leave Scotland during the coronation ceremony in the chapel of Westminster Abbey in London.

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