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EDP-Energia is replaced by Miguel Pereira Light

EDP-Energia is replaced by Miguel Pereira Light

Attorney Miguel Pereira Litt is the name chosen by the EDP’s largest shareholder, China Three Gorges, to represent its Portuguese subsidiary on the General and Supervisory Board (CGS) of the electric company.

In this way, Pereira Litt replaces former Finance Minister Eduardo Catruga, who announced in February this year that he would abandon the CGS, the body he had been in for 15 years, and where he recently represented China the Three Gorges (Portugal). ). The information was confirmed by Negócios himself, who is now assumed to be part of the CGS. A source close to this article also indicates that Pereira Leight was also selected to chair the EDP Payroll Committee.

As for the remaining four places that China Three Gorges must decide, which were not disclosed in the communication after the general meeting of shareholders, the same names remained, according to the same source. China Three Gorges Corporation is represented by Dingming Zhang, China Three Gorges International maintains Shengliang Wu, China Three Gorges Europe remains in the person of Ignacio Herrero Ruiz, China Three Gorges Brasil also follows the representation of Li Li.

Although the CGS decreased from 21 to 16 items, the Chinese maintained the same five positions, thus boosting their representation from 23.8% to 31.25%.

Miguel Pereira Leti is currently part of the Municipal Association of Porto and on the municipality’s page specifically a bibliographic note was found, which provides an account of the various positions he held in the financial field. He is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of Atlantic – Real Estate Investment Funds Management since 2005, and Partner in PLC Strategy and Management. In Liminorke he is a member of the board of directors.

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Prior to that, he worked in Morgan Stanley Portugal, where he was Chairman, General Manager and Director. At Morgan Stanley in Spain, he was part of the steering committee, and at Morgan Stanley International, he was the CEO.

In addition to his work at Bank of North America, he was a Director and Member of the Executive Committee of Banco Chemical Finance, the current Caixa – Banco de Investimento of CGD Group. He was also General Manager of Private Banking at Banco Pinto & Sotto Mayor and Banco Totta & Azores.

He obtained his law degree from the Portuguese Catholic University, Law School of Porto, and also completed a course in Management from the Higher Institute of Business Studies at the University of Porto.

Various changes to CGS

All in all, the board of directors has taken a turn for the worse and introduced five new faces. This is the case of former president and CEO of the electric company, Joao Talon, the first person removed from politics to hold the position. It also includes Esmeralda Dorado, the non-executive director of TAP who has already announced that she will leave the company, Professor Sophia Salgado, sustainability consultant Sandrine Dickson Dikliffe and attorney Zilli Shaw.

Luis Balha da Silva of the old state also passed away, who, as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Meeting, has a seat in the CGS; Laurie Fitch is an experienced investment banking professional. Professor at the Higher Institute of Economics and Management João Carvalho das Neves; Maria Del Carmen Fernandez, from the finance field; And Fernando Masaveo Herrero, President of Corporación Masaveu.

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