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EDP, Galp, Martifer and 10 others acquire $30m subsidy for renewable hydrogen production at Sines - Energia

EDP, Galp, Martifer and 10 others acquire $30m subsidy for renewable hydrogen production at Sines – Energia

Nearly a year and a half after the launch of the H2 Sines project, promoted by a consortium of EDP, Galp, EDP, Vestas and REN, with the aim of implementing an industrial cluster for the production of green hydrogen in Sines, this pan-European changed its name, no longer relying on REN, incorporates new partners and announces news related to project financing.

“A consortium of 13 companies and research partners have been selected by the European Commission as part of the Green Deal to develop the 100MW green hydrogen production project in Sense,” the consortium begins revealing in a statement from Martifer.

Under the name GreenH2Atlantic, the renewable hydrogen production project at Sines will be developed by a consortium of 13 entities, including companies such as EDP, Galp, Engie, Bondalti, Martifer, Vestas Wind Systems A/S, McPhy and Efacec, and academic and research partners such as ISQ and INESC[1]It details the same source, TEC, DLR, CEA and the public and private group Axelera.”

GreenH2Atlantic was one of three projects selected under the Horizon 2020 – Green Deal “to demonstrate the feasibility of green hydrogen at an unprecedented scale of production and technological application”, receiving €30 million in support to finance the construction of a hydrogen unit on the grounds of the CENES thermoelectric power plant.

He noted that the consortium now plans to start building the industrial unit in Sens in 2023, with green hydrogen production starting in 2025, “dates are subject to the necessary licenses by the authorities.”

The GreenH2Atlantic project consists of a 100 MW electrolyzer “that will consist of innovative and scalable 8 MW units, with high capacity, to maximize efficiency, dimensions, service life and flexibility,” noting that “other innovative features include the system and interface consisting of advanced management technologies Which will allow direct connection of the electrolyzer to local hybrid renewable energy (solar and wind energy)”.

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The project, which Martever asserts, “embodies the transition from an old coal power plant to an innovative renewable hydrogen production unit, in line with European strategy and carbon neutrality goals.”

By creating the Sens Hydrogen ‘cluster’, GreenH2Atlantic will “significantly contribute to the sustainability goals of the region and Portugal and will be an important contribution to the realization of the energy transition roadmap”, championing the group jointly controlled by the Martins brothers and Mota Angel.