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"Education and Science Pillars of Development"

“Education and Science Pillars of Development”

Re-elected as President of the Executive Nationality of the State, and the former Deputy State and Professor Count Bettencourt, who served as Secretary of State for Education, in 2021, which led to the resumption of classes in public schools in public schools in hybrid schools, on the site and in the remote system, for the next year anticipates greater challenges , whether in the political field or in the field of education. “On the 22nd, we will have a critical discussion about the future of the country and the state of Rio.”

q – You have been re-elected president of the country of citizenship. The party has municipal councils in important cities in the state of Rio, will the party launch a candidate for the state government?

comte – I was reappointed to the Presidency of the State Executive, with Comrades Wilberth Rezende, Mayor of Mackay, State Rep. Luis Paulo Correia da Rocha, and Icio Nancy as Deputy Officers. It’s still too early to say where we stand, but we’re not wasting time. In this second semester, the party held a series of virtual lectures with some of the country’s candidates and political leaders. What I can say is that we are well informed and committed to defending democracy and republican values.

It is necessary to understand the historical moment in which we are living. In the year 22, we will have a critical debate about the future of the country and the state of Rio, and it is imperative that we be ready to affirm democracy and defend education and science as pillars of our development project.

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q – His path is closely related to education in the state of Rio de Janeiro. I have been Chairman of the Raj Education Committee for four consecutive terms. What is the biggest obstacle to qualifying public education?

comte – In general, the biggest obstacle remains to see education as a state policy rather than a state policy. It is essential to ensure planning beyond the single mandate period, as we know that within four years it is impossible to reverse decades of neglect with the state education system. Educational challenges must be addressed independently of elections. For example, government officials today must urgently address the rescue of students frustrated during the pandemic. There are 244,000 young people and children out of school across Brazil. Fighting school dropout may not be a vote like doing business, but it is what needs to be done as a priority.

q – From September 2020 to May 2021, I was Secretary of State for Education, a period when the pandemic was at its worst. What did the CEO learn from this experience?

comte – I knew we had great professionals at Seeduc-RJ, but when I was there I realized that the preparation and commitment of our public servants was even greater. On a daily basis, always guided by science, we have developed a strategic plan to meet the challenge of adapting teaching in the state’s network to the constraints of the pandemic. To resume lessons on the hybrid system in February, we invested in technology in public education; We carry out unit infrastructure works; We value education professionals with their technological assistance and offer a sponsored link for the free mobility of students and teachers, 24 hours a day, through the application, “Aplique-se”, developed by Seeduc itself.

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q – Still within the topic of technology in the school environment, what do you expect from the arrival of 5G technology into the routines of students and teachers?

comte – Nothing compares to what is to come in the coming years with the arrival of 5G Education. With 50 times internet speed, students will have instant access to audiovisual content, virtual reality or take personalized lessons using artificial intelligence. As a result, there will be more participation and interest in learning. Technology is here to stay, but to implement many changes, it is essential to support teachers. Implementation should be accompanied by a training policy and a broad environment for the use of these tools. At the same time, society must be aware of the dangers of access to new technologies that increase inequality in the country. It is essential to closely monitor the 5G technology deployment schedule, so that public schools are in fact a priority, as stipulated in the concession notice.

q – What would you say to a young man studying in a public school looking for an opportunity in the job market, given the current economic scenario in the country?

comte – Whatever the size of the obstacle, the best way to overcome it is through education. I would say to this young man that he dedicates himself to his studies, but exercises his role as a citizen, to demand better educational conditions for all. This, by the way, is the duty of society: to promote and appreciate education as a real tool for the social transformation of our reality.

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