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Edward Miszczak left TVN.  We have sent a message to the staff.  "We talked about change"

Edward Miszczak left TVN. We have sent a message to the staff. “We talked about change”

First information about the departure of Edward Miszak TVN Hosted by reached the content of the message sent to TVN employees.

Let me inform you that Edward Miszak has decided to leave the company. We’ve been talking to Edward for a while about change in our company, so we’re very prepared for that. At this point, I would like to thank Edward for his 25 years of contribution to the development of TVN.

– Written by Warner Bros. CEO. Discovery in Poland Katarzyna Kieli.

Having been with our company since day one, Edward has created the largest and most recognizable forms and contributed to the exceptional concept of the TVN brand. Thanks to such strong programs TVN has been the undisputed market leader in Poland for many years. During the transition period, Edward will be the Director of the Programming Division and we will have time to say goodbye to him, but now I wish him all the best and best wishes for the future.

– She added.

Edward Miszczak has been TVN’s Program Director since 1998. Previously, he worked Radio RMF FM, from 1990 until he switched to television, he was the director of Antenna.

He was also a member of the board of directors of TVN Gruba Discovery.

Edward Miszczak left TVN. “This is the end of an era in the Polish media”

“Edward Miszczak is leaving TVN. This is it Results Era in the Polish media “- wrote Simon Jatzak on Twitter from Virtualna Polska.

“The most important man in television in Poland in the last quarter century – Edward Miszak left TVN. He created the lives of hundreds of celebrities. He decided who was the ‘magazine’ star in Poland. And the surrounding area” – adds Przemysław Pająk from SpidersWeb.

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