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EFACEC.  The government wants rehabilitation, the workers want nationalization

EFACEC. The government wants rehabilitation, the workers want nationalization

The headquarters of the DST group is located in a town near Braga. Parpública, who is leading the sale of the company, announced that it was the only investor to have gone through the final phase of EFACEC’s revitalization. Other national and international stakeholders have been left by the wayside.

DST Group specializes in engineering and construction. But it adds businesses in other regions and has a presence on several continents. It promises a solid investment in EFACEC’s capitalization. Ensures all functionality is retained.

Efacec continues to experience financial difficulties. She is waiting for a new loan of 45 million euros. They add up to 70 million euros already received by the company, which has already been spent in the meantime.
For RTP, management has confirmed that it has new contractual requests. He assumes there has been a shortage of raw materials, but says it is one of the effects of the pandemic.

EFACEC insists as a reference and economically viable company. For RTP, expect the group’s revenue to exceed €200 million. As for the ongoing reactivation process, EFACEC does not comment.

In protest at the company’s door, workers are demanding the resignation of management and an appeal against the sale of EFACEC. Workers fear for the future of EFACEC. They are asking to nationalize the company. But the government has already said it wants to close the sale by the end of the year.

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