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Eight processed foods that may be good for your health

Eight processed foods that may be good for your health

sAre all processed foods bad for your health? In most cases they are full of salt, sugar and calories, but this is not always the case. The nutritionist points out some options of this type that could be useful.

Sarah Garrone revealed to Eat This, Not That which processed foods she can eat more often. Get to know them.


“When it's made from whole grains, it can be a health food.”

Canned soups

“Not all of them are highly processed and do not have the same nutritional level.”

Cereal bars

“Check the label to make sure it doesn't contain added sugars.”

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Non-alcoholic cocktails

“Some have less sugar than you might think.”

Breakfast Cereal

“It can contain a good dose of fiber and protein.”

Frozen meals

“Some brands make recipes with fewer preservatives.”

Rotten meat

“It can be a good snack that's high in protein.”

Packaged oats

“Avoid those loaded with sugar.”

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