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Eight sparkling wines to welcome 2023

Eight sparkling wines to welcome 2023

There is no party or celebration without sparkling wine, the sparkling wine that seems to instill spirit and joy. On New Year’s Eve it is indispensable – at the table, to talk, to socialize, sometimes for lack of other company – and that is why we propose eight good sparkling wines, very different from each other, but with a common characteristic: they are all Portuguese.

1. Soalheiro Sparkling Brut Barrel Alvarinho IG Minho 2018

Only Alfarinho grapes, with the first fermentation in used oak barrels, where it keeps for 12 months, and the second in bottles, where it ages for 36 months. Wood shapes its character, and its long life adds to its elegance. It presents a deep yellow colour, smooth and persistent bubble, complex aroma, with pronounced influences of wood and time. The palate is enveloping and creamy, with a smooth, long finish. 18 euros

2. Quinta das Bageiras Sparkling Baga Grande Reserve Bairrada Rosé 2018

Exclusively from the Baja variety, made with grapes from the finest vineyards. After the second fermentation, in the bottle, it is aged for 48 months. It is a natural hardener (there is no added sugar in the exploration liqueur). It has a light pink color, a very thin and complex aroma, a delicate taste, a natural freshness transmitted by the berries, a mousse with very thin and persistent bubbles that melt in the mouth, highlighting the good flavor of the fruit and especially the berries. Great big champagne. 45 euros

3. Quinta do Boicão Sparkling Arinto DOC Bucelas Reserva Brut 2019

One hundred percent Arinto, made using the classic method, with a second fermentation in the bottle and a one-year aging period in the cellar at contact with the holes. It has a citrine yellow color, and a wonderful aroma, with citrusy and roasted notes. The palate is full of freshness, flavor and grit, with the distinct acidity of the very present variety and the soft bubble that gives it creaminess. 18.99 euros

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4. Adega de Favaios Sparkling Wine Grande Reserva Brut Doc Douro 2013

Produced from grapes of the traditional Gouveio, Viosinho and Arinto varieties, it has long aged in the bottle from the second fermentation, in 2014, until collapse, at the end of 2021. It has a clear appearance, bright citrine color, very soft bubble, complex aroma with Citrus, toasted and nutty, an elegant and creamy taste with an enticing freshness. 12 euros

5. Herdade do Rocim Espumante Grande Reserve Brut Nature Regional Alentejano Rosie 2017

Sparkling wines produced in the Alentejo with grapes of the Touriga-Nacional variety would have caused surprise, years ago, and fortunately not now. It is aged for three years in the bottle, on the loofah, after the second fermentation. It seduces with its beautiful salmon color, its beautiful and persistent bubble, its delicate aroma reminiscent of dried fruits and toast, and its light, fresh and elegant taste. And she has a clear gastronomic bent. 31.50 euros

6. Vertex Sparkling Millésime Brut Doc Douro 2014

Possibly the best Vértice Millésime we’ve ever tasted and supportive of winemakers Celso Pereira / Pedro Guedes’ production. It was made from 60% Gouveio, 25% Viosinho, and 15% different grape varieties (this small-batch wine included a year in barrels). After aging for 60 months in the bottle, it delivers a fine sparkling wine with exquisite and complex aromas, a creamy palate, freshness, elegance and seduction. 23 euros

7. Murganheira Sparkling Large Brut Brut “Assemblage” Távora-Varosa 2015

It is produced from grapes of the Malvasia-Fina, Tinta-Roriz and Touriga-Nacional varieties, fermented in stainless steel vats and aged for nine months in wood, followed by 16 years in bottle with an annual load. Absolutely pure, with a very thin and persistent bubble, golden yellow color, attractive aroma of fresh fruits (citrus fruits and apples) and dried fruits, from toast and appetizers, very delicate, creamy, fresh, simply delicious taste. 20.60 euros

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8. Quinta do Poço do Lobo Natural Brut Sparkling Berry-Pinot Noir DOC Bairrada Rosie 2015

A duo of Pinot Noir and Baga, the famous grape varietals of Burgundy and Bairrada wines, respectively, in this sparkling wine that’s as personal as it is seductive. It has a beautiful color between onion peel and pink, a wonderful aroma with multiple fruity, roasted, buttery and other notes, and a full palate with good body, creaminess, freshness and harmony. 18.50 euros