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“Either he kills me or I kill him”: the testimony of a man who can help Daniel Sancho – the world

“Either he kills me or I kill him”: the testimony of a man who can help Daniel Sancho – the world

“Either he kills me or I kill him”: testimony of a man who could help Daniel Sancho

Lewis says he received 143 calls from Edwin in one day.

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Daniel Sancho, 29, is imprisoned in Thailand. The victim was Dr. Edwin Arrieta, 44 years old

A man who knew Edwin Arrieta was interviewed, anonymously, on the Sonsoles Ónega programme, and his testimony could change the course of the Daniel Sancho case, according to the magazine. Read %s.

Luis, his fictitious name, says he sympathizes with the cause of Rodolfo Sancho’s son because he also considered ending the Colombian surgeon’s life. “If I had not finished Edwin’s story, I would have been in Sancho’s place,” he guarantees.

“Either he kills me or I kill him,” the man said, stressing that the only reason he did not get the same result as Daniel was because he filed a complaint at the police station in Bogotá, Colombia. The events go back to 2005. Six months after meeting the surgeon, Lewis filed a complaint for harassment.

They met at a bar. Lewis says he was scared because one day he received “143 calls” from Edwin. He says he was brutally attacked outside his home.

“From day one, he showed romantic interest in me and did everything he could to find an excuse to be with me,” says Lewis. The man also says he was attacked to the point where he was incapacitated for two days. He says he was harassed and blackmailed by the surgeon, who threatened that something would happen to his family. The man claims he still has a scar from Edwin’s bite.

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Remember that Daniel Sancho, the son of Spanish actor Rodolfo Sancho, is accused of murder and dismemberment Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta, on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand. It was the 29-year-old chef who alerted him to his friend’s disappearance.

Arrieta’s remains were found, a day after her disappearance, in a landfill on the island known to tourists for its full moon parties, where the island’s beaches are filled with revelers who dance until dawn. Daniel and Edwin arranged to meet to watch the celebrations.

Daniel Sancho is the eldest son of the famous Spanish actor Rodolfo Sancho, who became famous in Portugal for his participation in the RTP1 series Crimes Submersos, and former actress Silvia Bronchalo. The young man works as a chef at La Boheme catering restaurant and Boogie Burgers, both in Madrid.

The victim is Edwin Arrieta (44 years old), a surgeon from the Colombian city of Lorica in the north of the country, and who owns a clinic in the city of Montería.