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Eldest son of Alberto of Monaco: “I am not illegitimate”

Eldest son of Alberto of Monaco: “I am not illegitimate”

a Prince Albert is the father of four children, the eldest of two born to the brief relationships the ruler of Monaco had even before he married Princess Charlene.

One of them is Alexandre Grimaldi, born of the prince’s relationship with former flight attendant Nicole Coste, who is about to turn 20, a date he celebrates on August 24th.

The young man gave an interview to Point de Vue magazine, in which he explained that he did not like it when it was said that he was the illegitimate son of the prince. Alexander said, “I am not illegitimate, because when I was born neither of my parents were married nor committed adultery. Using that word is an insult.”

In the same interview, the young man also told why he only used the title of Prince Alberto. “My father has the surname Grimaldi, so it makes sense that I would use his name. I was never called Coast or Coast Grimaldi. Not on any identification document, not at school, not on my degrees,” he said, ending with doubts about whether he would use the surname. his mother or not.

“Those who treat me this way [com o apelido Coste] Noting that he is “sly”, explaining that he is very “happy” and maintains an excellent relationship with both his father and mother.

It must be remembered that Prince Albert currently maintains an excellent relationship with the two children born out of wedlock – Alexander and Jazmin Grace – but this was not always the case. When they were born, the prince did not immediately acknowledge either of them as paternity, an issue that seems outdated.

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