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Carros Elétricos: Qual a marca que mais vende em Portugal?

Electric cars: what is the best-selling brand in Portugal?

As we have been following, the market for electric cars in Portugal is growing. According to recent data, 4 out of 10 cars sold are electric cars.

UVE recently released information for July 2022. After all, what is the best-selling brand in Portugal?

Disruptions in the global auto market, shortages of components, especially microprocessors, and problems in the distribution logistics chains It worsened with the outbreak of war in Ukraine, which led to a general shortage of supply in the automobile industry.

This shortage of supply in light of the increase in demand for electric vehicles is starting to emerge in the market for 100% electric vehicles (BEV - Battery Electric Vehicles) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV - Hybrid Electric Vehicles) in Portugal.

Compared to the previous month, in July 2022, there was a 12% decrease in sales of new BEV and PHEV vehicles. In July 2022, 2,649 electric vehicles (BEV and PHEV) were sold.taking all vehicle classes into account - with 1,436 BEVs and 1,2113 PHEVs, which represents 16% year-over-year growth, driven largely by the aforementioned 61.5% increase in the 100% Electric Vehicle (BEV) category.

Electric cars: what is the best-selling brand in Portugal?

Electric cars: sales shares by energy type

In July of this year, the share of all Hybrid Electric and Chargeable Vehicles (BEV + PHEV) was 100%, 17.02%, which is lower than the share of vehicles with diesel engines, which recorded a share of 18.45% in the passenger car category. .

Best selling electric car brands in Portugal

In July, Peugeot was the 100% light-electric passenger car sales champion in Portugal, with 171 cars sold. Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz followed in second and third places, respectively.

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In 2022 as a whole, Tesla ranked first in sales of 100% electric cars with 1,061 units delivered, followed by Peugeot in second place with 934 cars sold, closing the podium with BMW (BMW + BMWi) where 688 100% electric cars were sold. . . In the plug-in category, the three brands remained, BMW in first place, followed by Mercedes-Benz in second place and Volvo in third place.