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Electric cars will cost the same as combustion from 2025

The (current) future of the electric car sector seems inevitable. Brands have followed this trend and offers are on the rise.

ZERO recently released a European study that puts 100% electric cars at the same price as conventional cars starting in 2025 and 18% cheaper in 2030.


The price of batteries and mounting platform will reduce the value of electric cars

The lower price of batteries and the shift to manufacturing platforms for electric vehicles by builders will allow significant reductions in production costs.

For Europe to meet its climate and environmental commitments to reduce emissions and not pollute, full car electrification, through 100% battery electric vehicles or hydrogen fuel cells, must be delivered quickly.

From a climate, industrial and buyer perspective, pure electric passenger and cargo vehicles are the technology of the future.

The study was published by the European Union for Transport and the Environment newly He reveals that between 2025 and 2027 battery electric cars will reach the same price as fossil-fuel-equivalent models, and will not rely on incentives to do so. By 2030, electric cars will be 18% cheaper at base price than those with a combustion engine.

The price drop will happen for two reasons:

  • Low price of batteries, which is expected to reach 60% within the decade - From 120 € / kWh in 2020 to about 50 € / kWh in 2030. The value of $100 per kWh of storage capacity, equivalent to about 80 € / kWh, is a major point of accessibility for the tram from In terms of price, it will be reached in 2024
  • a Switching to electrical manufacturing platforms customized by contracting companies, allowing the production of electric models with other architectures, reducing costs by 10-30% thanks to factors of scale, simpler assembly processes, battery packs and other standard components, and sharing of the same chassis between models
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