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Electricity and electricity prices |  Norway now tops the horror list for electricity: - the most expensive when it comes to

Electricity and electricity prices | Norway now tops the horror list for electricity: – the most expensive when it comes to

It seems that the time when Norway was a country where electricity was cheap is over. On Thursday, no one pays more than Norwegians for electricity.

Norway was for many decades a country where electricity was relatively cheap compared to other countries in Western Europe. This is not least due to the abundance of self-produced, clean and publicly owned Norwegian hydroelectric power.

But in recent years, prices have become more similar to our neighboring countries, as Norway has become more connected to the European electricity market.

Thursday, the penultimate day of the year, will remain an anniversary, as electricity in southern Norway is the most expensive of all regions included in Nordpol’s view of the European electricity market, which stretches from France and the United Kingdom in the west to Finland and the Baltic states in the east. Electricity prices, among other things, are twice as high in southern Norway than they are in Germany and Sweden.

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The person responding to this, which is founder of Finance Peter Warren. He writes on Twitter:

“Tomorrow will be the anniversary of the Norwegian power policy. This is because the price of electricity in southern Norway is the highest in Europe. 98% more expensive than in southern Sweden, 90% higher than Germany, 32% more expensive than France and we also managed to beat the UK by 0.9%. Norway: the most expensive when it comes to! »

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Lawyer and former Fpu leader Ove Vanebo, who in recent weeks has described himself as a critic of Norway’s electricity policy, also reacts.

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employment Facebook social networking site He writes, among others: «Congratulations on the first place in Europe, Southern Norway! Tomorrow we have the highest electricity prices in Europe. It is impressive that we ended up here after being among the cheapest countries in this field for years.”


Electricity prices admittedly Drops Part of the past week, when energy was at its highest peak Six kroner kWh before all taxesHowever, it is still very expensive compared to previous years.

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But in recent days Norway has impressed Germany with electricity due to low levels of water reservoirs in southern Norway.

– In southern Norway, we have a shortage of water tanks, as well as a little accumulation of snow. So hydropower producers will supply that water later this winter, energy analyst John Protemsmu at Kintect Energy told E24 earlier Wednesday.

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