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Electricity bill: This appliance in the kitchen is the most expensive!

Electricity bill: This appliance in the kitchen is the most expensive!

The kitchen is home to the largest energy vampires and has the biggest impact on your electricity bill. We don’t often spend a lot of time doing the “calculations”, but if we do, the results will be surprising! To help you reduce your electricity bill, we’ll tell you which equipment uses the most light in your kitchen and the approximate amount it will cost you at the end of the year. This information can also help you make some choices when saving. However, there is one thing you really need to take into consideration. There is an appliance in the kitchen that is most extravagant.

Electricity bill: This appliance in the kitchen is the most expensive!

There is a lot of equipment that we use in our kitchen that represents a huge gap in our electricity bill if we calculate it for a year. Since our goal is to help, we’ll give you a ranking ranging from the most affordable to those that have the least impact on your electric bill.

Guess what’s the big energy vampire in your kitchen?

If you said dishwasher, you’re right. In fact, the equipment is the most widely used and people use it for about 1,000 hours over the course of a year. Now this costs about 260 euros per year. In other words, it’s a lot of money on your electricity bill.

However, the freezer comes in a close second. It operates for 8760 hours and the electricity bill costs 257 euros. It is also a very important value.

On the other hand, the dryer is also a widely used appliance. We typically use about 270 hours a year. This represents an impact of €134 on the annual bill.

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Electricity bill: These are your kitchen expenses annually!

The furnace also has a big impact on bills, but perhaps not as much as we think. And also because we use it less. Thus, the usage is estimated at around 182 hours, which equates to around 77 euros on the monthly bill.

Next we have the refrigerator. It works like a freezer for 8760 hours and has an annual value impact of 68 euros.

Then we have the air fryer. We usually use it for 182 hours and it has an impact on our annual electricity bill of 53 euros.

Air fryers rust

Microwave is also one of the widely used equipment in the kitchen. They typically operate for 91 hours throughout the year and have a €20 impact on your electricity bill.

Avoid microwave ovens

Another interesting aspect is checking the cost of our coffee machine over a whole year. Now if we consider that it works for 365 days over 60 hours, it costs about 16 euros per year.