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Electricity prices will rise but if you do this you won't pay more

Electricity prices will rise but if you do this you won't pay more

If you're thinking about saving, especially on electricity, the news is not good. As Dico Prosti has already stated, “As of June 1,… Network access fees will increase. The proposal for new grid access tariffs has been submitted by the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) and, if approved, will haveImpact on the electricity bill of all consumers. In practice, the price of electricity can rise by about 10 euros per month. However, if you do this you will not pay more.

Electricity prices will rise but if you do this you won't pay more

washing machine

You can cut your washing machine costs by running one fewer cycle per week. This way you will save about 43 cents per week which is equivalent to 22 euros per year.

Another very important thing that you should do is set the temperature to 30 degrees and load the drum as much as possible to reduce the number of washes. Meanwhile, if your washing machine has an eco-friendly program, use it to save 30% on energy consumption.

However, if you don't use the dryer when you do another spin cycle, you can save €5 per week. In fact, the dryer is one of the most commonly used appliances. It uses between 2.5-3 kilowatt hours (kWh) per hour and therefore uses it sparingly.

Elixir washing machine, if you do it now you will save more than 40 euros on your electricity bill!

In other words, with all this you can save about 5.62 euros per week, up to 292.24 euros per year

Pay attention to the hair dryer

If you dry your hair for 10 minutes, 6 days a week, you will spend about 65 cents. This is in a week. If you use a towel to remove excess water and use the dryer for 5 minutes, you will reduce your costs to 32 cents per week. This amounts to 16 euros per year.

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food preparation

Stop using the electric stove and oven and use an air fryer for the vast majority of foods, for example. This way you will save about 2 euros per week.

Hot air fryers are cancer

Pay attention to the dishwasher

You can save big by loading your dishwasher to maximum and cutting your weekly laundry operations in half. So reduce 4 courses to 2 and save around €1.30 per week or €67.60 per year.

Replace your desktop with a laptop

However, if you work from home, a desktop computer may cost you up to €3 per week. If possible, replace it with a laptop and save up to €2.42 per week.

Turn off some equipment

So the first step is of course to turn off anything that is not actively used or not used frequently. Examples of devices that can be easily turned off include televisions, boxes, and consoles. The same should be done with chargers and even with decorative lights more than anything else.

Reduce your electricity bill

However, turning everything off and back on every day can get tedious. Especially when we have the socket behind the furniture, or in another hard-to-reach place. Therefore, it is best to purchase extension cords that have a switch and place them in an easily accessible place. Then just plug everything in there. This way you can turn it on and off easily. Of course, I can also recommend these plugs with timer, but in this way we will save money on the one hand and spend money on the other.

This way, even with rising electricity prices, you will be able to save money.

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