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Electricity production from wind, sun and water breaks records

Electricity production from wind, sun and water breaks records

Wind, solar and water production smashed daily production numbers.

Renewable energies provided 88% of consumption in February due to rain and winds.

In February, “the productivity of hydropower plants was 1.10 (historical average of 1), that of wind plants was 1.19 (historical average of 1), while the index of photovoltaics was 0.92 (historical average of 1),” Ren said in Report him. Today's statement.

The company notes that three production records have been achieved in each of the three technologies: “The maximum capacity of hydropower plants reached 6906 MW on February 28, wind plants 5019 MW on the 29th, and photovoltaic power plants 1919 MW on the 19th.

Since the beginning of the year, rainfall and winds have been above historical averages: íThe hydropower productivity index is 1.21, the wind productivity index is 1.03, and the solar energy productivity index is 0.89.

In total for the year, renewable production “supplied 84% of consumption, split between hydropower, 44%, wind, 30%, and biomass and PV, both 5%. Natural gas production represents 12% of consumption, while the balance of exchanges with abroad provides the remaining 4%.

In the natural gas market, consumption fell again in February (-27%), as it did in January, with usage for electricity production falling (-73%), due to the greater availability of renewable energy. Overall for the year, gas consumption is down 12%, with a 9% increase in household and business consumption, but a 48% decrease in Electrical energy production sector.