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Elizangela, actress of the film “A Dona do Peça”, dies at the age of 68

Elizangela, actress of the film “A Dona do Peça”, dies at the age of 68

Msaid actress Elizangela, who has participated in TV series such as “Força do quer” or “A Dona do Pedaço”. He was 68 years old.

According to O Globo newspaper, the artist was hospitalized due to cardiac and respiratory arrest, after being examined by the Brazilian pre-hospital medical care service (mobile emergency care service).

Resuscitation attempts were made, but death was announced on Friday, November 3.

“The municipal government of Guapimirim regrets the death of the famous actress. This is the second time that the municipal health system has treated Elizangela. The first time, Elizangela was admitted to the unit due to serious respiratory problems, and after a few weeks, she was treated and discharged from the unit,” it said. This was in a statement by the municipal administration, which confirmed the news of the actress’s death.

The Brazilian press reports that Elisangela was hospitalized last year in serious condition with the consequences of Covid, after she said no to vaccination because she was against it.

Elizangela was born in 1954 in Rio de Janeiro, and began working as an actress at the age of seven. He also made strides in the world of music and performed the song “Pertinho de Você” in 1979.

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