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Ellen Pompeo talks about a great discussion she had with Denzel Washington

Ellen Pompeo talks about a great discussion she had with Denzel Washington

NSLynn Pompeo started this week’s podcast “Tell Me,” in which she talks candidly about aspects of her personal and professional life.

In the first episode, Pompeo joins Patrick Dempsey, the former star of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, to recall the unforgettable moments they had together.

The actress says she was excited when we announced that she would be able to work with Denzel Washington.

“He arrived three weeks early to get to know each other, because Denzel doesn’t watch much TV, he probably hasn’t seen the show before,” he says. “He took it because the woman was such a big fan… I think he saw it as a good exercise to come and do something quick,” he continues.

“But imagine Denzel Washington coming and doing an episode of Grey’s Anatomy? It’s something I never imagined I’d ever see,” he added.

“I listened and I was jealous,” Dempsey admitted, noting that he would love to work with Denzer.

However, contrary to what you might think, episode recording was not as smooth as expected. “Stars are stars for a reason. There’s an energy and a vibe to them that makes them charismatic. Patrick has that, and Obama has that too (…) but Denzel is a movie star, isn’t he? He doesn’t know anything about television.”, he remarked.

Pompeo says that in a scene where his character Meredith Gray hears an apology from a patient who broke his chin, he had a falling out with Denzel.

“He was like, ‘I’m the director! Don’t tell him what to do!'” [ao ator com quem contracenava]. I was like, ‘Listen, son of a bitch, this chain is mine! These scenes are mine! What are you talking about, you hardly know where the bathroom is.”

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Eileen reveals that she was completely upset with Denzel about this situation, but after everything was on record, she ended up putting the discussion behind her.

“We were fine after that. He’s one of the best players at what he does.”

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