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Elma Aveiro insults her followers in messages: "The best sister in the world has no luck."

Elma Aveiro insults her followers in messages: “The best sister in the world has no luck.”

Elma Aveirosister Cristiano Ronaldoembroiled in controversy for allegedly possessing He insulted many followers in the exchange of various messagesthrough your account Instagram. The letters have been revealed in recent days, which show the way in which the businesswoman attacked the people who addressed her.

From the revealed photos, it is not possible to understand the reason or the content sent by Elma Aveiro followers, which would have caused the businesswoman’s hot reaction. In one of the message exchanges it can read: “Oh, look at someone else, ugly as damn and talking about others. elbow pain; I’m so pretty without makeup, you already have a monkey face. I am the best sister in the world. You don’t have my luck, r *****”, indicated by the same publication.

The situation was discussed in the latest broadcast of “Passadeira Vermelha” by SIC Caras. Hugo Mendescommentator and program editor, showed more photos of Elma’s insults, noting that Antonio Carvalho, a former participant in the reality show.

Damn ****, ****, you should be just like her. Then do it, disgusting. You’re not a pig, you must be a bitch like those pigs…Ugly ass ****It can be read in another message.

Remember that recently, Elma Aveiro came too Commenting on the news that reported his brother’s professional problems at Manchester United: “The absurdity of communication. Is there nothing else to talk about?! leave him alone“, He said.

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