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Elon discusses Musk on Twitter, and suggests he can sell Bitcoin and drop prices

Elon discusses Musk on Twitter, and suggests he can sell Bitcoin and drop prices

Elon Musk has once again caused prices in the market to drop for Digital currencies This Sunday (16) after a series of messages were published on Twitter.

Dissatisfied with criticism of recent speeches, Musk tweeted that he would bet everything on Doge and accuse him Bitcoin To be very central.

At one point, the billionaire was clearly uncomfortable with the bitcoin backers’ comments, and stated that he would know “more than you think” about funding to help create PayPal.

Musk fired angry tweets on all sides at Bitcoin’s advocates, and even suggested that he would liquidate the remaining $ 1.5 billion of Bitcoin. Purchased in February. Part has been sold newly.

Bitcoin dealers will slap themselves in the next quarter when they discover that Tesla has dumped the rest of its Bitcoin holdings. With how much hate he has in Elon Musk, I won’t blame him. ” User CryptoWhale said, Accused To apply non-coded market rhythms.

Musk replied:


The market reacted negatively again. After recovering briefly from the previous fall and touching $ 49,800, Bitcoin slumped again, hitting the $ 44,444 Binance level through the end of the story.

The perfect troll

The whole situation started when Peter McCormack, an American merchant and podcast chief, criticized Musk’s stance last week, when the billionaire indicated that bitcoin mining was a problem and said Tesla would not accept bitcoin payments anymore.

“Dear Elon Musk. The ideal dwarf is the one in which people don’t know whether they are trolling or not. Your recent misleading criticism of Bitcoin + support for Doge might be phishing for the mayor … or you can really believe it (oh my God, I hope it doesn’t)” .

Then McCormack explained, in ThreadWhy he thinks Musk’s recent speeches will undermine the years-long debate about Bitcoin’s sustainability.

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However, according to him, no matter what Tesla CEO thinks, the damage will actually be: Investors from Dogecoin They will be at a loss and Bitcoin supporters will still have a lot more work to do to convince the world that Bitcoin is sustainable.

The merchant indicates that he has been receiving messages from followers asking if they should Buy Dogecoin, In motion that would have been driven Musk support for the cryptocurrency memes.

Musk did not like criticism at all and tweeted:

Vios [do Twitter] Hateful people like this make me want to bet everything on Doge.

Elon Musk says Bitcoin is centralized

Other people joined the conversation. One of them was ChainLinkGod, Chainlink’s community ambassador, who warned of the danger posed by Dogecoin whales, who could drop coins on the market at any time and leave investors in a bewilderment.

Musk then responded by saying that Bitcoin would be “highly centralized”:

“Bitcoin is, in fact, very centralized, with the vast majority being controlled by a handful of large mining companies (also known as hash). One coal mine in Xinjiang is flooded, almost killing miners, and the bitcoin hash rate has plummeted. At 35%. Does it seem “decentralized” to you?

The episode that Musk mentioned happened on April 18th, also on Sunday. On that day, Bitcoin was down $ 10,000, but analysts pointed to those losses It has nothing to do with the decrease in the mining hash rate.

At this point, after he’s already bothered by the community request, Musk “remembered” that he helped create PayPal, and thus, he knew what he was talking about.

Hey, crypto “experts”, have you heard of PayPal? Is it possible … maybe … that I know [mais] Than you think about how the money is made. “

Hours earlier he had already commented on the same topic. When asked what he would do to solve the Dogecoin centralization problem, Musk said he believed the wallets are for cryptocurrency exchanges.

“What I understand is that the big accounts are exchanges. However, it would be good to confirm. They said the biggest is Robinhood.”

However, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao explained that large Dogecoin wallets are unlikely to be brokerages.

“Elon, the first (at 30% of the total supply) is not owned by Binance. I strongly doubt it belongs to another exchange based on usage pattern, etc. Maybe I’m wrong. Who told you? You might want to check your source. You goodness. “

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