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Elon Musk already guarantees his trip to space with Virgin Galactic

Space has been one of the areas most invested in and where the achievements show the genius of some. The last flight of Virgin Galactic and Richard Branson was last weekend.

These flights are becoming more common, as a result of what SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and soon Blue Origin have achieved. With the space door open, it’s time for another millionaire to confirm his journey. We are talking about Elon Musk, who has already guaranteed his flight into space Virgin Galactic.

Being direct competitors when it comes to space travel, one would expect Elon Musk and Richard Branson to have an equal footing on a daily basis. The truth couldn't be further from that and these two modern day adventurers are very close.

Their relationship is such that the strongman SpaceX actually managed to secure his flight on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic. It wasn't Elon Musk who exposed it, but the English language mogul's company, in the current situation After your finished.

Richard Branson I showed Hours before he considered his friend Elon Musk, he wished he would soon travel with Virgin Galactic. The company sells tickets for these flights of a few minutes on the border with space, at an altitude of 85 km at an altitude of 250 thousand dollars, which earned $ 80 million.

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Even though he's already earned his spot in SpaceShipTwo, aka VSS Unity, it's still too early to know when Elon Musk will make his flight. The line is long and Richard Branson's company is sure to have many millionaires ahead of the strongman at SpaceX.

It would be curious to see how Jeff Bezos would react to this trip and this approach. The guys Amazon and Blue Origin don't consider this flight a true spacewalk, because it's below the Karman line.

The flight of the New Shepard rocket, from Blue Origin, will take place next July 20, and the goal is 100 km of altitude. This date should also be a milestone in the new race for space, which is now being undertaken by private companies. Will Elon Musk also have a flight scheduled here soon?