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Elon Musk Twitter compra acionistas

Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion

Elon Musk’s idea of ​​buying Twitter started taking shape several days ago. There were many advances and backsliding, which seemed to be broken and not going anywhere.

Now, according to the various parties involved in the process, Elon Musk has reached an agreement with Twitter shareholders and the purchase will continue. In all, the Tesla strongman will pay $44 billion.

TV series with contributors a few days ago

The series on Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter has continued to falter in recent days. The idea of ​​the creator of SpaceX is to buy shares in the social network and thus control the platform of your choice. Having bought a minority stake, it now wants full control.

Rumors indicated that this would not be possible, as Twitter contributors would oppose this purchase. However, at the beginning of this day, rumors of changes began to appear.

Elon Musk managed to buy Twitter

Now he According to the information Announced by all parties, the purchase will have been made. Elon Musk will pay $44 billion, or about 41 billion euros, to own a domain on the social network Twitter.

We still need to find out more data about this acquisition, over which it is clear that control will be complete, as Elon Musk himself wanted. Hence, Twitter is back to being a proven company and will be out of stock very soon

Naturally, with this movement, the position of Twitter's stock changed, rising by about 6% after the news was released.

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