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Elon Musk changed the rules and X/Twitter started allowing pornographic content

Elon Musk changed the rules and X/Twitter started allowing pornographic content

A new change in Elon Musk's X/Twitter surprised users on Monday (3). The social network has updated its guidelines and will officially allow the sharing of “produced and distributed pornography, nudity or consensual sexual conduct.”

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However, the user must label the content and not share it in a prominent place, such as a profile picture or logo, for example. The rules apply to all content of this type, whether photographic, animated or generated by artificial intelligence.

Is porn banned on X/Twitter?

Many users were surprised, as they thought adult content was already allowed on the platform. This is because the social network already has many profiles of creators of this type of media – including subscribers to X Premium (formerly Twitter Blue). However, in practice, X did not ban pornography. However, the platform automatically filters this type of content.

What happened, in fact, was just a change in the rules. Therefore, the platform will begin asking users who “regularly post” NSFW (not safe for work) content to adjust their settings to mark photos and videos as sensitive content.

Users who are under the age of 18 or do not have a date of birth in their account will not be able to view classified material. The new rules also prohibit posts that promote “the exploitation, non-consent, objectification, sexualization or victimization of minors, and obscene conduct.”

In March, X already announced that it intends to allow NSFW communities to apply an “adult content” tag to its posts. Moreover, at that time, the platform also said that it would start hiding profile likes.

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Finally, the social network has also updated its policies on violent content in order to “enable a more comprehensive approach to combating violence in all its forms,” ​​according to a statement. Post on @Safety profile (Security, in free translation).