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Elon Musk criticizes Metaverse and says Neuralink implanted in humans would be better

Elon Musk doesn’t think the metaverse will change the world

In a recent interview with the programme Babylon beeAnd Elon Musk He said he did not believe in the current concept of metaphysics, let alone that it would revolutionize the world. However, he adds that a possible and better alternative is Neuralink, a chip that is surgically implanted into users’ brains. According to the billionaire, it is inconvenient to have to wear heavy equipment over your head all the time to access virtual reality.

He also doesn’t think VR glasses can deliver the metaverse experience, where there’s a screen in front of your face that prevents you from believing it’s real. β€œIt’s inconvenient to have these VR goggles strapped to your head all the time. I think we are far from disappearing into Metaverse. In the long run, a fully developed Neuralink can put you in VR.” musk during the interview.

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β€œI don’t see anyone wearing a damn face monitor all day. I can’t see a convincing stoic situation.” Moreover, he believes that Web 3.0 will not democratize the Internet, it will only remove some people from their positions and put others in it. The billionaire said he was “cautiously optimistic” that the implants could restore full-body functions for those with quadriplegia and quadriplegia, adding that the company’s standards for implanting a brain-computer interface device are higher than required by the Food and Drug Administration.

“I think we have an opportunity with Neuralink to restore full-body function to someone with a spinal cord injury,” Musk said in a video interview during the Wall Street Journal’s Board of Directors conference. “I don’t want to raise irrational hopes, but I am increasingly convinced that it can be done,” he added.

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