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Elon Musk Bill Gates clima bolsa Tesla

Elon Musk quarrels with Bill Gates for positioning the stock market against Tesla

Elon Musk is known for taking extreme measures and stances when it comes to defending Tesla and other of its companies. He often encounters those who oppose his achievements and irreducibly in these moments.

The clashes you have are known regardless of the person or company that caused them. The latest victim appears to be the well-known Bill Gates, who would have requested support for a charitable work dedicated to climate change.

It is not known how this situation became public, but now information has appeared about a conversation that Elon Musk will have with the founder of Microsoft. Bill Gates will have exchanged messages with the creator of Tesla and the end result will not be as expected.

Posted by Tweet embedThe messages that resulted from the request to support action against climate change were known. Support did not advance because Bill Gates would have a position in the stock market betting on Tesla losing results.

When a Microsoft creator was confronted by Elon Musk's question about "short position“Out of 500 million, he should have admitted its existence. Elon Musk was quick to respond, with a very awkward attitude towards Bill Gates.

According to Elon Musk, the position of philanthropy against climate change cannot be taken seriously. By betting low on Tesla's results, and against a company that defends the climate with its electric cars, it was going against the basic idea of ​​its actions.

The origin of these photos is unknown, but Elon Musk himself confirmed their authenticity. In response to the original tweet, he also revealed that he knew Bill Gates had the position, something that was public and that's why he questioned the strongman at Microsoft about the position.

To further fuel this controversy, Elon Musk later posted New tweet Where she played with Bill Gates. This seems like a resolved situation, but it shows that even the richest men on the planet clash and provoke each other to try to solve their problems.

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