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Elon Musk responds to allegations that his satellite system thwarted the Ukrainian attack

Elon Musk responds to allegations that his satellite system thwarted the Ukrainian attack

Starlink enabled Ukrainian soldiers to communicate. When Ukraine began to win, the system stopped operating in the captured territories, the Financial Times wrote Friday night.

Elon Musk helped Ukraine. Now there is a knot in the thread.

When Elon Musk gave Starlink to Ukraine, he was the savior of the country. The system played a very important role in the Ukrainian defense, The Financial Times writes.

Starlink enables satellite communication, when all other connections are down. It was crucial to the Ukrainian soldiers.

Musk denies the case

Starlink does not operate in the areas Ukraine has just liberated, the Financial Times writes.

This has led to a “severe loss of communication in recent weeks,” the newspaper wrote. Elon Musk denies these allegations.

“Bad journalism,” Musk wrote on Twitter.

‘This is about national security’ Republican Adam Kinzinger wrote a little earlierAnd that demanded that Musk respond.

It cost 80 million dollars

Musk wrote that satellite systems have already cost his company $80 million. He writes that what happens on the battlefield is a secret.

However, the Financial Times spoke to Roman Sinicyn of the Serhiy Prytula Foundation, a private foundation that donates Starlink systems to the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Sinicyn says he believes the system does not work in areas recently occupied by Russia, specifically to prevent Russians from using the system.

– It is clear to me that it is Starlink representatives who do this, to prevent their technology from being used by the Russian occupying forces, says Senesin.

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Ukraine offended

On Monday this week, Elon Musk managed to severely insult many Ukrainians He’s on Twitter He came up with his own peace proposal.

The former American billionaire was very popular among Ukrainians. That’s because he donated Starlink’s space forces to Ukrainian forces. He helped the soldiers cover up the front. Starlink has also enabled civilians in recently liberated villages to contact their loved ones.

The billionaire scored four points for peace between Russia and Ukraine:

1. Re-referendum in the annexed areas under the supervision of the United Nations. Russia allows the people who live there to decide for themselves.

2. The Karim Peninsula officially became part of Russia.

3. Securing the water supply to the Karim Peninsula.

4. Ukraine remains neutral.

It didn’t take long for Ukrainian politicians to heed Musk’s suggestion. They did not hold back from using words.

“Fuck you” is my diplomatic answer to you. The Andre Melny’s booksUkraine’s ambassador to Germany.