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Elon Musk revealed that the new Tesla Model S Plaid + has been canceled إلغاء

Tesla is revamping its electric cars and preparing it to offer a lot more than the competition. Elon Musk left clues on what’s to come and shows what these new cars can do.

The Model S will get the biggest makeover, as the Plaid model shows a major evolution. However, according to Musk, the top of the range, the Plaid+, has been scrapped because the base model is “too good.”


The Model S Plaid is an evolution of what Tesla introduced and introduced in 2012. However, Since 2019 the brand is talking In a powerful renewal of the model, revealing the details that will be present in this new proposal already available For sale on your website.

The new Plaid brings special features that will make it stand out in many aspects, from speed to autonomy. Proof of this is his recent performance, where he was able to cover 400 meters in just 9,247 seconds, being one of the fastest vehicles to cross this road.

Tesla Model S Plaid + Very Powerful

It is precisely this model that Elon Musk is now using as a way to undo the Plaid+ model. From what Elon Musk revealed on Twitter, the Plaid model is to blame, for being so good and with an excellent performance.

The Plus model has been developed several times for sure, without ever being fleshed out or even introduced. It would be a more vitamin version of the Plaid form, with higher benefits, which would be (almost) impossible.

With a performance of 100 km / h in just 2.1 seconds and a top speed of 322 km / h, it has engines that give it 1020 hp. In the field of autonomy, she managed to guarantee 628 km.

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Touted as the fastest production car, it has what it takes to be successful. Consequently, Tesla and Elon Musk ended up with the Model S Plaid+, sticking with the Model S Plaid as the answer to all competitors and creating an electric car that would be hard to beat.