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Elon Musk reveals the true problem of autonomous driving

Elon Musk reveals the true problem of autonomous driving

Autonomous driving has a lot to say. After all, if you are attentive, you should already be aware of one or another accident caused by the inattention of the driver, who has placed so much confidence in what semi-autonomous driving is, Autopilot. Therefore, Elon Musk has an explanation.

There is still a long way to go in terms of AI, because “the pathway system is designed for biological neural networks through visual imagery.”

Methods designed for humans

It is a big bet TeslaBut it wasn't going well. The company's CEO has already warned that Autonomous driving Of their cars are not completely autonomous. Therefore, drivers must be alert while they activate it.

Although it is a clear goal that can be achieved in the long run, Elon Musk revealed, through a tweet, what he considers the problem of autonomy.

It is possible to resort to artificial intelligence so that the driver does not actually have to drive, but is also very ambitious. From Elon Musk's point of view, the big hurdle in decoding what has been said is the fact that the methods are designed for human brains and eyes and that AI is not yet equipped to operate accordingly.

Tesla's Self-Driving Image

Elon Musk hits the ball hot

Elon Musk is seen and known as an ambitious and visionary businessman. However, even though he came up with an obvious solution, he blames the failure of his system on another one that already existed and worked for. In other words, the road was made for humans, we all already knew that. Therefore, it is up to the brand to fulfill its supposed promise.

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In fact, it would be easier for the brand to redesign and adapt the road system, so that self-driving is completely safe. The challenge is this difficulty, as autonomous driving is designed for our world and not the other way around.

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