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Elon Musk says hydrogen storage is useless. do you agree?

Much has been said about hydrogen and green hydrogen as viable alternatives to fossil fuels. At a somewhat controversial summit, Elon Musk said hydrogen energy storage technology is futile.

This isn’t the first time that Tesla’s CEO has been suspicious of hydrogen.

Financial Times Summit,"car future', which took place between May 9 and 12, was a gateway to many of the statements we knew. Elon Musk couldn't miss it and he also shared opinions that may not be unanimous.

I can't stress this enough - the number of times I've been asked about hydrogen, it could be...more than 100, maybe 200 times.

Said Elon Musk during his speech.

In the opinion of the Tesla CEO, hydrogen energy storage is futile. to me CNBCElon Musk has made it clear that he is against hydrogen storage, because it requires the use of larger tanks. This is because the deposits needed to store the element must be larger than those needed to store electrical energy, for example.

hydrogen storage

Although controversial, this isn't the first time Elon Musk has doubted hydrogen. In fact, in 2020, he said that fuel cells are like "ridiculous sales" and that hydrocarbons and electrolysis are not natural. In his opinion, when breaking down hydrocarbons, fossil fuels remain a problem, and electrolysis is not as efficient as it is claimed.

If on the one hand Elon Musk is against hydrogen, on the other hand, the energy agencies are very optimistic about this. International Energy Agency. , for example, states that it is versatile, responsive to various sectors, such as transportation and industry, due to its wide range of applications.

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