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Elon Musk, the third richest man in the world lives in this "casita" - The Observer

Elon Musk, the third richest man in the world lives in this “casita” – The Observer

The CEO of Tesla is a strange man. He immigrated from South Africa to the United States, and thanks to the valuations of SpaceX and the Tesla he runs, he now has an estimated fortune of $156.9 billion, according to Fortune. But now that he’s moved from California to Texas, to accompany the start-up of another Gigafactory and start production, he’s moved into a tiny prefab house from Boxabl, which specializes in detachable, towable wooden houses to move in tandem.

Gigafactory Texas is Tesla’s newest manufacturing facility and should start simultaneously with its “sister” in Berlin, but several delays have caused the German plant to slip. But in Texas, it’s all on wheels, from which not only the Model 3 and the Model Y will come out — already with Italian gigapresses making up the cast-iron front and rear bodies — but also the Cybertruck and Semi. The importance justified Musk’s move from California to Texas.

Of course, the CEO of Tesla could rent, or potentially buy, a luxury home, with an indoor and outdoor pool, surrounded by as far as the eye could see, but South Africa wanted to be closer to the action, who slept in the Gigafactory office in Nevada , when she was taking her first steps, full of obstacles. That is why he rented a detachable house from Boxabl, a model called “casita”, which allows other units to be attached later.

But more curious than anyone who has the equivalent of €131.6 billion to rent a prefab house for $50,000, that’s nearly €42,000, is the fact that Elon Musk has installed a “casita” on SpaceX’s grounds, where the 160km rocket engine test center is located. . One of the American publications even got photos of the place where the detachable wooden house was installed.