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Elon Musk unveils an exclusive vision of the Las Vegas Underground Transportation System - Multimédia

Elon Musk unveils an exclusive vision of the Las Vegas Underground Transportation System – Multimédia

The Boring Company is working on its underground transportation system that would circulate modified Tesla cars through a network of high-speed tunnels under the Las Vegas Convention Center, a project valued at $ 52.5 million.

After a long period Months of construction and some delaysThe company, founded by Elon Musk, has opened doors Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) for the local press to give an exclusive view of what is going on inside.

The LVCC consists of a network of underground tunnel networks, totaling 2.41 kilometers, located at a depth of more than 12 meters and containing three passenger entry and exit terminals, and the main station in Las Vegas. Conference center.

As you can see in the videos shared by Journalist Mick Akers, Act Website Review MagazinePassengers are transported by autonomous Tesla electric cars, which move inside tunnels at a top speed of about 57 kilometers per hour.

Initially, Elon Musk planned to use modified Tesla cars to increase occupancy and carry up to 16 passengers, between sitting and standing. However, the videos show that the cars are being used without the previously announced modifications. Note that there is a possibility that the vehicles used during the demonstration are for illustrative purposes only.

The system will go through a trial period before it starts working for the general public. As Boring continues to align the last details of the LVCC, there is a new venture in its plans. In February, the company The Miami City Council has proposed building a 3.2 km underground transport tunnel under the city. The work will be ready in six months and cost $ 30 million.

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However, located in an area of ​​spongy limestone, Miami can be a real challenge for the project. Sea level rise is another issue that can have a negative impact on business.