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Elton represents Sebastian Buffon, a corona sufferer

Due to his corona infection, “TV Total” presenter Sebastian Buffoff was unable to manage his show on Wednesday. Pro Sheep and the comedian promised a “wonderful alternative” to the show, which was recorded shortly before it aired, without revealing many details. It was only clear that it would not be Stephen Rob.

The show then began as usual with the introduction of the classic: a woman from the audience read a few sentences from a cardboard board and declared herself “the best stand-in evaluator in the world”: this is about Elton. Known.

Elton: “There he disguised himself as an unvaccinated Djokovic.”

“Now I’m representing Sebastian Buffoff,” were Elton’s first words as the host of “TV Total”, with thunderous applause. The first joke: “There he is dressed as an unvaccinated Djokovic. Karma?” That said, the regular presenter refers to the previous show that ended up being a tennis star.

Earlier on the show, Elton revealed that he wears a heart rate monitor to measure how excited he is in the role of presenter. At the start of the show it showed 146 beats per minute – announced in darts style by “Caller”. Viewers can follow Elton’s pulse directly in the lower right corner of the image. Otherwise, Puffpaff failure does not change anything about the normal process. As usual, the show began with a stand-up lecture, after which Elton presented a film in which he trained to become an official corona tester.

Kai Pflaume “causes or accumulates embarrassment”

This was followed by the highlight of the show: “Crime or Collection” – a game that allowed Elton to float under Stephen Robin. This time the comedian competed himself, so he had to find another alternative referee.

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Kai Pflaume rated it “crime or collection”. © Source: Pro Sieben / Screenshot

Elton clearly misses “embarrassment or collect”.

No one other than Kai Pflaume entered the stage and led the fight between Elton and spectator Sacha. The contestant got the first three questions before completing the plum question. Sasha’s next two answers are correct. Elton, meanwhile, complained of pressing the bus fast. For the sixth question, the alternative evaluator was really quick – and very quick. Eldon was able to answer only two of the following four questions correctly. Candidate Sasha clearly won.

“That’s all there is to TV total. I hope Sebastian Buffoff will be back next week,” Elton concluded his first “TV Total” show as a reviewer.

The reactions are mostly positive

Reactions on social media during the show were mostly positive. “Really a logical sequel. From coach to moderator,” one user writes. That way is better. ”

Another user analyzes: “Elton brings back the lack of spontaneity and relaxation in the show. I’m not saying he wants to do the show for Puff, but he can try to steal it from him.”

Rob Eldon was brought to Pro Seaben

Stephen Robb brought Elton to Pro Seaben 20 years ago. There he was allowed to support him as an “intern” on “TV Overall”. Elton then hosted a quiz game called “Crime or Collection” during the show. The 50-year-old is currently hosting a TV show called “Beat the Star”.

Inspired Sebastian Buffoff “Well Armed”

On Tuesday, Buffoff wrote on Twitter that a good friend would represent him. He did not give details. The reviewer said of his corona infection: “As someone who has been vaccinated twice and is encouraged, I can say that my corona course is not foot baths, but I feel well-armed and can recommend this starting position to everyone!” It’s a fun situation for a 45 – year – old: “Interesting experience, you’re sitting in front of the TV, you’re overwhelmed by information about the Corona, you suddenly understand, shit, I got it.”

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Since last fall, satirist Puffoff has been managing the new version of the comedy show “TV Total” once created by Stephen Rob, and has received rave reviews with it. Rob, once a figurehead, is only active behind the scenes.