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EM 2021: ZDF actively promotes sexual rebellion against commentators

EM 2021: ZDF actively promotes sexual rebellion against commentators

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Claudia Newman and Ariane Hingst comment on the rivalry between Belgium and Russia in EM 2021. Some viewers don’t like it.

Frankfurt – EM 2021 is only a few days old, so the network has almost everything in principle: when player Christian Eriksen fainted on Saturday (June 12, 2021) in the match between Denmark and Finland, then a storm against ZDF because of the match between Belgium and Russia by two women Commented. So it takes crazy speed.

Because after learning that Christian Eriksen was stable and could be brought to a hospital in Copenhagen, the anger of some fans over the commentary team Claudia Newman and Ariane Hingst erupted on Twitter over the match between Belgium and Russia. The somewhat sexual revolt against the two women went unnoticed because the ZDF showed a direct reaction to the comments.

Sexual comments against ZDF commentators on EM 2021

“Why doesn’t this pain stop? Now two women are already commenting. It’s really unbearable and there is no country in the world where two women can comment on the European Championship game. No one frees us from that? ”Wrote a user on Twitter. The ZDF responded immediately: “According to statistics, 50 percent of the world’s population are women. It should come as no surprise to people with basic math skills that two of them comment on a game of football together.”

Another user wrote on Twitter: “Why do two women comment? Why? ”ZDF asks the exact opposite question:“ Why not? Claudia Newman is the only female commentator in the world: Football World Champion Ariane Hingst will be her co – commentator for the 2021 European Championships. Even this user on Twitter did not like the fact that two women were “texting” him: “Generations of men are looking forward to football because they were not texted by a woman. But allocation is very important, ”he writes. ZDF shows a reaction here too: “So this sexuality on the internet is always cautious,” it says under the post.

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ZDF responds to rebellion against commentators on EM 2021

There are tons of comments on Twitter like the ones listed above. Creative criticism? In many cases there is no evidence. So Belgium and Russia fought on the pitch for their first success in the social media field of EM 2021 and ZDF, against hateful and misconceptions on the web.

Name Claudia Newman
To change 57 years
Sender ZDF
Condition Sports reporter and football commentator

ZDF has a good answer for the user who questions the professionalism of Claudia Newman. Users bring their own logic into play: “What qualifies a female professional for a job? He had never played men’s football before. So what makes her an expert in men’s football? And then I practically qualified just like them. I have never played men’s football, ”the user writes. ZDF provides a logical answer as to why Claudia Newman is best suited for the job at EM 2021: “Claudia Newman learned from the television press below and reports on football in the current sports studio and in the Champions League. Many years – broadcasting. In addition to his professional skills, he has a considerable amount of experience. ”

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In short, relying on football text is ZDF’s best attacking performance in the social media industry. In the end, the public broadcaster wins the game against hateful and misguided commentators on the web. (msb)