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Embracing Science, the latest book by Sergio Bargoletti

Embracing Science, the latest book by Sergio Bargoletti

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Why do you trust science? Sergio Bargoletti attempts to answer this question, which has become very objective again with the health emergency, in his latest book, La carzza della Scienza, published by Edizioni Roots Future.

Thanks to the support of data, figures and an extensive bibliography, the journalist and writer from Taranto repeats, if there was still a need, there would be no progress without the research. Therefore, we must and we can trust.

It is not a blind and complete trust given to scientists who are considered individually, but rather a trust, based on rational arguments, given to a scientific community operating according to internationally accepted rules and protocols. Rules and protocols, this is the nodal point, which operates and produces results: from biology to chemistry, from robotics to neuroscience, the work of knowledge specialists, based strictly on the scientific method, allows us to live better and better and feed the new. . expectations.

This is a fact that, with the pandemic, has been challenged significantly by an anti-science stance that is more pervasive than could be imagined. The fear of what we ignore, or what we have not seen before, is not only legitimate, but understandable; However, we must confront the only tool at our disposal to not succumb to prejudice, and that is the waiting room for the wrong behaviors that can lead to intolerance: culture.

The article is therefore intended not only for enthusiastic readers of science, but also and above all for the new generations who have graduated from school to become responsible and conscientious citizens.

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In addition to the purely health aspects, the pandemic also reminded us that, if we want to deal brutally with a very tragic experience, we are human. And that there are no pills or any other medication that can permanently relieve our existential anxiety. All this reminds us of the relationship, which is not always perfect, between some disciplines such as biology, physics, medicine and other forms of knowledge and, above all, philosophy.

Bargoletti’s thinking also touches on this topic, giving the privilege of an interdisciplinary approach and taking into account the views of some famous scholars in the cultural debate, such as Maurizio Ferraris, Naomi Oresix, Elena Cattaneo, Carlo Rovelli, Eduardo Boncinelli and Umberto Galimberti.

The book will be shown next Tuesday, June 28, at 6:30 pm, in the Virgilio Gardens in Taranto, thanks to an initiative of the “Unire Taranto” association; He will speak with author and engineer Domenico Mosca and journalists Angela Tanzarella and Enzo Ferrari.

Brief biography of the author:

Sergio Bargoletti, a professional journalist, has worked for newspapers, news agencies, radio and television, gaining studies and professional experiences in Taranto, Bari, Bologna, Rome, Brussels and Milan. He was a professor of sociology at a university preparation center. The author of the article, present in his sixth book: Previously published ionic earthand the Berlin for lifeand the The fighter and the burgataand the Facebook and Princeand the Aurora Blue Milan.