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Emeb Duílio Maziero students do their homework and help fight dengue fever

Emeb Duílio Maziero students do their homework and help fight dengue fever

Emeb Duílio Maziero students do their homework and help fight dengue fever

Published on 02/27/2024 at 2:51 PM

In Jundiai, Children's City, the city council has relied on the important assistance provided by children to prevent and control dengue in the municipality. Among these important allies are students from the Municipal Education Network who, through the Innovative School programme, have been studying different aspects of the disease and its spread, spreading knowledge to their families and neighbourhoods.

One such example comes from Emeb Duílio Maziero, in the Toca neighborhood, which has about 250 students, from classes ranging from Early Childhood Education 2 (G4 and G5) to Primary School 1 (Grade 1 to 5). Among the activities carried out by the classes were inspections of the school and its surrounding areas – where no outbreaks were found – and the production of posters and information boards, an exhibition made of recyclable materials, leaflets and a checklist for conducting inspections.

Ryan devoted last week's lessons to dealing with illness in a multidisciplinary way

Third-year Professor Ryan Moraes devoted the afternoon last week to addressing the topic in an interdisciplinary way. “In science class we studied the mosquito cycle and the symptoms of disease. In history we saw that dengue fever appeared in Egypt, spread around the world by boat, and was eradicated in Brazil in the 1950s, when attention turned to yellow fever, which is transmitted by the mosquitoes themselves.” In language In Portuguese, we analyzed news and in mathematics we analyzed graphs. With the topic of geography, we saw the areas on the map with more focus and the relationship between them and the climate. In art class, drawing each of them became a colorful and stylized booklet,” commented the teacher, who also introduced the “Inspector” buttons Health” for students, in appreciation of the class's commitment.

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Students Sofia Silva, Laura Bernabe and Manuela Baptista, from Maria Angela Pavan's third-year class, and Lorenzo Barboza and Davey Lucas Giarola, from Miriam Mesquita's fourth-year class, also produced a series of graphic and informational materials on the topic.

“We made posters with information about the Aedes aegypti cycle, from egg to larva, pupa and mosquito,” Sophia explained.

Laura, Sofia, Manuela, Lorenzo and Davey: Informed children are an important ally in the fight against the disease

Professor Sylvian Gomez's fifth grade class prepared flowery masks for children to wear while searching for hot spots. The class also prepared a parody, sung to the tune of the classic children's song “Peixe Vivo,” with an underlying message in its lyrics: “How can one little mosquito cause so much confusion? Let's all fight this dengue, brother!”

Education Director Vasti Ferrari Marquez praised the schools' participation in preventing the disease. “As much as our students and teachers depend on it in the municipal education network, dengue will have no place here in Jundiai. What we have seen in every school is practically 'dismantling the school'. It is a topic that is approached in an interdisciplinary way and by applying the content in transformative experiences.” , able to ensure learning and that children disseminate in their daily lives what they saw at school.

Using designed masks, Teacher Sylviane's class staged another inspection of the school and presented a parody composed on the subject

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