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Emergency physician Christoph Brutom says health pass at hospital "creates unnecessary tension"

Emergency physician Christoph Brutom says health pass at hospital “creates unnecessary tension”

Hospital health pass “Creating unnecessary tension”, Christophe Prudhomme, spokeswoman for the Association of Emergency Physicians of France and a member of the CGD Sande administration, called for a national strike against Sud Sande and the CGD vaccine duty at Info on Friday, August 6. Health Pass. Christoph Prudhomme, Constitutional Council “This decision to impose sanitation on patients does not invalidate” Like A “Denial of treatment”. If so “Some Vaccines”Among the caretakers, “They are more of a minority”, Also assures the emergency physician. “The problem is the way the government uses it to shock caregivers.”, Christoph Prudhom insists.

franceinfo: Do ​​you understand the calls for a strike?

Christoph Prudhomme: Absolutely. Of course, caregivers need to be vaccinated. But the duty was felt very badly by the caretakers. The caregivers were forced to work when tested positive. By evaluating the barrier gestures, we explained to them that patients were not at risk of infection. We had to work constantly. Another thing that makes us anxious. I am very surprised that the Constitutional Council has invalidated this decision to impose a health pass on patients coming to scheduled appointments in the hospital. This is almost a denial of maintenance. And who will manage access to the hospital? What is the security guard’s qualification to check whether the patient can or cannot enter the hospital? The assertion of this responsibility by the Constitutional Council is utterly irresponsible. And the Minister of Health, who is a doctor, imposed this competitive measure, including on the Council of Physicians.

Are you worried that the implementation of this step will create problems?

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This will create unnecessary stress in the hospital. Today the hospital is a pressure cooker. Employees are very annoyed that they are being mistreated by the government. Sehgar did not solve anything. Data released yesterday by the ministry’s statistics service show that the number of staff at the hospital has declined in 2017 and 2018. We are still waiting for the figures for 2019 and 2020. These are the ministry’s figures: -0, 3% hospital staff in 2017, -0.4% in 2018. This is one reason why the hospital is in trouble today. Therefore, we need to have a little more compassion and listen on the part of the government to the demands of the staff that existed before the epidemic.

Will caregivers be vaccinated?

Yes, caregivers will get there. Caregivers are representatives of the population. We have some vaccines, but they are in the minority. The problem is that the method used by the government to shock caregivers is not intended. I work in Chain-Saint-Denis. The problem is that the poor, especially the elderly poor, are less likely to be vaccinated than the rich. In my field, the vaccination rate of the population, especially those over 80, is particularly at risk, which is much lower than the national average. It would be good if the government focused on these holes in the scams that are being condemned, including the World Health Organization. France is not a good student to be vaccinated.