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Emergency.  Voting in Sezmil - Presidential decree on state of emergency on Belarus border not revoked

Emergency. Voting in Sezmil – Presidential decree on state of emergency on Belarus border not revoked

Sezm did not agree to rescind President Andrzej Duda’s order on the introduction of a state of emergency in the border region with Belarus. 247 MPs voted against the motion to repeal the presidential decree. There were only 168 members “for”; 20 did not vote. The vote took place after a heated parliamentary debate. The state of emergency on the border with Belarus will last for 30 days.

Samil Bozak: This is not a problem of dozens of nomadic people, but the functions of special services

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Applications for the removal of the state of emergency were submitted by the Coalition of Leftists and Citizens. The decision to introduce it was defended by Prime Minister Mathews Moraviki. Too much Mariusz Kamiski, head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, spokeAs a country – “If we do not act effectively and consistently, we will be flooded by waves of refugees and illegal immigrants”.

The Sezm did not rescind the president’s order

168 delegates voted to abolish control (Citizens’ Federation, Levica, Poland 2050 and all current delegates of the Dobromir Sonier’s Confederation), 247 delegates (PiS, Przegląd, Kukiz’15 and Majority Confederation) voted against, and 20 abstentions (PSL-PA). Ps)

According to the Basic Law, if there is a threat to the constitutional system of the state, the state of emergency may be introduced in part or in whole, at the request of the President, Cabinet, for the protection or public order of the citizens. If the President deems the circumstances under which the Emergency Law is enforceable to be justified and signed, the restrictions will take effect immediately.

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What is an emergency?

The state of emergency will apply for 30 days over a 3 km wide area on the border with Belarus. Includes a total of 183 cities – 115 in Botlawsky Vocational and 68 in Lubelsky Vocational – See what changes. Earlier, the Latvian government declared a state of emergency in the border areas with Belarus. A state of emergency is also in place in Lithuania.

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