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Emílio Andrade, Benfica's No. 1 partner and owner of Tia Matilde restaurateur has passed away

Emílio Andrade, Benfica’s No. 1 partner and owner of Tia Matilde restaurateur has passed away

Emilio Andrade, partner No. 1 of Benfica, and owner of famous restaurateur Tia Matilde, died in Lisbon, on Tuesday in the capital. It contained 101, part of which is related to the front of the restaurant, located in the district of Rigaud, which bears names from politics, sports and journalism among its customers.

Joao Malheiro, former Communications Director of the Nsour, revealed CMTVthrough Facebook.

The pandemic forced Emílio Andrade to be more humble, which prevented him from doing what he loved most. Walk around the large restaurant rooms and say a few words to the customers, many of whom have become friends.

Approaching its centenary, “Tia Matilde” opened its doors in 1926 – at the time it was a modest snack bar – and the name of the current restaurant is in honor of Emílio Andrade’s mother. The restaurant has been transformed and is now a gourmet reference in Lisbon, where lamprey rice and duck rice are especially prized. For years Eusébio was a daily attendant at the restaurant and a friend of Emílio Andrade.

In 2012, the former star fell ill in the hotel where the national team was staying in Poland. Eusébio was one of UEFA’s top guests and was flown to Lisbon in an ambulance. Transferred to intensive care at Da Luz Hospital, Eusebio said he was hungry and ordered chicken soup from his favorite restaurant, Tia Matilda. The doctors saw no problem and after a while the chicken soup arrived at the hospital. Then he spent the afternoon resting.

“Today is a sad day for the sport of Lisbon and Benfica with the departure of our partner No. 1, Emilio Andrade Jr. The official website of Incarnate.

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In the same note, says Lusa Agency, Rui Costa mentioned Emílio Andrade Júnior’s relationship with Eusébio: “I had the honor of witnessing so much passion for Ti Emílio, how his friends treated him and everyone who loved him. Always available to the club, he was an inspiration and an example to our athletes.” And to all Benfica fans, never forgetting the fraternal relationship with the great Eusebio. On behalf of Sport Lisbon and Benfica, I extend my deepest condolences to his family and friends.”

Benfica will hold a minute’s silence in memory and in honor of Emilio Andrade Jr. ahead of Tuesday’s La Liga match against Pacos de Ferreira.

In May 2019, Emílio Andrade was awarded the Carreira Award by Catarina Furtado, at the similar Hotel, Restaurant and Association Awards in Portugal. “Many thanks from the heart, I did not expect to receive such a recognition,” said, on this occasion, Emilio Andrade.