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Emmanuel concealed his father's death in 'Domingão': 'No one knows, no one notices, no one tells' - Nacional

Emmanuel concealed his father’s death in ‘Domingão’: ‘No one knows, no one notices, no one tells’ – Nacional

in january, Emmanuel suffered one of the biggest blows of his life: the loss of his father.

I am pleased to present “Domingão” alongside Luciana AbreuThe singer reveals that this format has become more important because of the meaning it carries now For the father who was hospitalized after three strokes and survived COVID-19It was the only way to see a family member. Domingu was the place where he saw his eldest son and I representing the family, although I had many disabilities, I could no longer move physically. I was unable to move. I couldn’t see us because you couldn’t visit anyone in the hospitals. “Domingão” was the answer for him and I knew it.

Emmanuel defines a father as a person who is very attached to the family In his view, it was the distancing imposed by the pandemic that led to the parent losing the will to continue the struggle for life. “Family lunches and dinners are no longer over and that’s what took him away. He was paralyzed, had three strokes, and then contracted the COVID-19 virus. He won all of this, but he didn’t win the day he realized that the Family Sacred Lunch wouldn’t exist, on the first of January. Tell the nurses this will happen, he lived with that hope. When the first day passed and he didn’t come here, he gave up.”

Emmanuel reveals that his father passed away on Friday and that two days later he decided not to miss the movie ‘Domingu’. A decision made in the form of a salutation. “It was because of him. It was one of the hardest days of my life. No one knows, no one notices, no one tells. I did it for my father. He passed away on Friday and I went to do Domingo.”

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