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Empty throne in UK raises fears of 'decline of the House of Windsor' – Executive Summary

Empty throne in UK raises fears of 'decline of the House of Windsor' – Executive Summary

The stability of the English monarchy may be called into question with the “absence” of a series of members of the British royal family, leaving the throne “empty” and raising fears of what newspapers are describing as “the decline of the House of Representatives”. Windsor.”

Charles III is absent undergoing treatment for the cancer he was diagnosed with (the details of which are not public), Kate Middleton is “missing” and recovering from an “abdominal intervention,” and her husband, Prince William, has canceled all events to accompany the Duchess of Cambridge. Experts told The Telegraph that there are problems that could be managed otherwise, but are not being dealt with properly.

The situation is now made worse by the fact that Queen Camilla has taken leave, as she usually does at this time of year. The break was encouraged by her 75-year-old husband, who supported her decision to follow tradition and spend a few days in an unknown, sunnier destination abroad.

Controversy arose over a possible “image crisis” for the British Crown. Camilla is “exhausted” after performing at 13 public events in a row to fill in for absent royals.

Buckingham Palace wants to fight the idea of ​​​​the “empty throne”, which is a saying that will not be fulfilled until March 11, which is the date that falls on Commonwealth Day.

A video message from Carlos III is scheduled to be sent at that time, but the presence of Queen Camilla will be necessary. Prince William will also not be available to participate in public events until the end of next week.

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Despite staying away from events, the king continues to hold meetings on matters of state, including a weekly meeting with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

There are those who advocate for “fresh blood” in the items chosen to represent the crown at events, but people continue to favor the four faces that are precisely the ones that were removed.

It is not known when Charles III will be able to resume his normal schedule, and given the evidence that Camilla cannot handle all the acting responsibilities, discussions are now underway about how to “share the burden”, so that the Queen can share the honorary honour. Events and celebrations with Kate Middleton.

It's a change to Buckingham's rules, which stipulate that only members of the royal blood can preside over ceremonies of honor.

However, with the current situation exacerbated by the departure of Prince Harry ('Megxit') and Prince Andrew (due to their involvement in the Jeffrey Eptin sex scandal), he is forced to find alternatives, in order to ensure the image is intact. The ability of the British Royal Family to adapt to these difficult times.